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Aug 15

Recipe of a Shoe Connoisseur

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When baking, they say you should follow directions, but when cooking you should cater to your own tastes. The same theory applies with shoes. The first thing any professional shoe designer thinks of is their brand, which in this case is you. There are no fashion faux pas when it comes to deciding what you Read more…

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Aug 14

Top Five Places for Afternoon Tea in London

It is a truth universally acknowledged that tea is the best remedy for nearly all life’s problems, and aside from our love for shopping, shoes and cocktails, tea holds a special place in the hearts of the Upper Street team. This week we are sharing our top five places for afternoon tea in London, and Read more…

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Aug 8


In fashion, trends come and go faster than the seasons, but at Upper Street we believe that shoes are a constant and a powerful window into a woman’s subconscious self. With each careful choice of style, fabric and embellishment, the wearer’s shoes transform from a mere seasonal accessory into a unique expression of personality. Using AW14 as our inspiration, here’s our top tips for designing with multiple hues and materials so that you can effortlessly mix and match your personal favourites to create your own dream shoes.

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Aug 6

Top 10 tips for finding commercial space in London without having a complete breakdown

Upper Street headquarters map

Upper Street has just moved into our lovely new headquarters in the West End of London. Read my Top 10 Tips for how to find your commercial space without having to check into rehab afterwards!

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