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Colours & materials

View our gallery of leathers, patent, suede, Italian satins, snakeskin and animal (calf leather) materials you can use to make your shoes.
You can also buy swatches from our Swatch Store
Premium quality leather, available in 29 colours, including metallics.
Soft, sumptuous suedes in 16 rich colours.
18 classic patent leathers with a luxurious glossy finish
Gleam in our range of molten metallics in snakeskin and leather.
Luxurious Italian satins with a silky finish. Swatches available to order through the Shoe Designer.
Bridal satin
8 luxurious Italian satins for brides looking for a traditional wedding colour and material. Swatches available to order through the Shoe Designer.
33 exotic snakeskins in a huge colour range including molten metallics and two-tone black.
6 animal prints in pony (calf leather) including leopard in red and purple and zebra.