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Design Guides

Advice and tips on designing your made-to-order shoes

The Boardroom Busting Court

A versatile shape that's never far from our feet, the pointed court has carried the world's most powerful women from the silver screens and red carpets of Old Hollywood, to the smartphones and escalators of the modern city.
The Timeless Classic: Design Your Own
Timeless appeal, natural beauty and feminine flair makes the "English Rose," a captivating style icon who continues to blossom through the fashions. She may at one time been defined by soft blush pink and the object of tragic, poetic paintings, but today's English Rose is no wallflower. Taking inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge, along with Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt and Kate Winslet, here is our English Rose selection; designed with a neutral palette in the polite but powerful court shoe. 

Designing Pointed Courts
How to design the must-have shoe style for this season: the pointed court. Our 'how to design...' guide will help you through each part of your stiletto shoe design.
Designing with Satin
Satin is the tip most "pointe" on a ballet shoe, it's the rippling tides of a wedding gown, a cocoon of soft bed sheets and a slip-me-on LND (little night dress). Associated with luxury and romance, satin is a glossy weave whose infinite structure can barely be seen, even when magnified. From Versace to Valentino, iconic Italian designers and couturiers have been hand-crafting world-renowned satins since just after WWII. Sourcing the very best of Italian satins, we have an exquisite range for you to design your soft-to-the-touch shoes with, all hand-made in Italy.

Due to its history with ballet, satin is also associated with light-footed femininity so we say point your toes, pirouette and party in our most luxurious of satins. Here's some design tips.