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Advice and tips on designing your made-to-order shoes

Pointed Courts

Upper Street's pointed court shoe is a staple classic for every woman’s wardrobe and is available with a 3.75" heel, 3" mid-heel or 2.25" kitten heel, which can be selected at the checkout. Our pointed court is cut with a contemporary short toe and elegantly tapered heel, which is sleek in shape, yet designed not to be too narrow at the front to pinch.
Here is our advice and tips on designing your made-to-order pointed court shoes in Upper Street’s shoe designer. Follow these 7 easy steps to guide you through each section of your shoe design:

Step 1 – Shoe style: Choose the second thumb nail option and select the pointed court shoe option.
Step 2 – Upper shape: You have 2 options for the main structure of your shoe: D'Orsay or full cut. A D’Orsay is where the vamp of the shoe is cut away which accentuates the curves of the foot arch to create a sexy look to the shoe, however it isn’t as secure as a classic full cut.
Tip: If you design your shoe with a D’Orsay cut we suggest a strap across the foot or an ankle strap for a more secure fit (see step 5). 

Step 3 – Fronts: Design the front of your pointed court shoes by choosing from 8 different options to suit your style. Whether you’re looking to keep it simple, or add glitz and glamour to the front of your shoe, we have the perfect design options for you. Select the asymmetric panel, to add a touch of colour within the layers, or adorn with a flower for a pretty feminine touch. The large buckle is a statement in itself, and can be designed in a material of your choice, or simply select gold or silver.
Tip: If you want to add studs, you must select the toecap option or the counter back option in step 4 so you can embellish in step 6.
Step 4 – Back: Design the back of your pointed toe court shoe by choosing from 2 different options, the counter back or plain back. If you want detailing on the front of the shoe, keep the back plain to keep it simple. Alternatively, a counter back creates a dynamic look if you want to contrast with different colours and materials.
Tip: Click on the image of the shoe and rotate it 360 degrees to get a full view from every angle. 
Step 5 – Straps: Choose from 4 strap options as a decorative feature for your pointed courts. Straps can flatter your foot and can add a more secure fit. If you select the thin strap options you can add glitz with a Swarovski diamante trim. Try a contemporary and bold look with a wide front strap for a statement and secure fit.
Tip: Ankle straps can be removed on the finished shoes, but please note, not if you add a diamante trim.
Step 6 – Colours & materials: The colour option is organised in 2 ways: ‘Sort by materials’ which shows our extensive range of materials and ‘Sort by colour’ for our rich palette of colours.
First click on the shoe area then choose a colour or material, remember to colour each part of the shoe. For bridal inspiration, experiment with off-whites and pale pinks on your wedding shoes to accent the colours of your bouquet or bridesmaid’s dresses.
Tip: Please note that studs can’t be added to animal skin.
Prices differ for our standard materials and our premium materials. Please visit our pricing page for further details.  You can follow your progress in the ‘Colouring progress’ palette on the right of the screen. At any time of the colouring process, you will be able to click the ‘Costs & materials’ button to see the cost for each material and extra embellishments.
Step 7 – Embellishments: Final stage, you can adorn your pointed court shoes with studs and Swarovski diamante trip.
For studs on the front of the shoe, you must select the toecap option in step 2, similarly for studs on the back, the counter back must be selected in step 3.
Tip: Swarovski diamante trim is available to select on all straps except wide front strap.

For more advice and inspiration on embellishments, take a look at our embellishment guide
Finished shoe: Save your shoe design to your collection or add to your shopping bag. Share your collection with your friends; they can help you decide which shoe they think would suit you.
Our shoes are available in sizes 33- 44 with 4 width fittings. You select your shoe size and heel height (3.75", 3" or 2.25") once you’ve added it to your shopping bag, and you can also add notes about your sizing.
Alternatively, please contact us at or telephone  +44 (0) 845 680 9365, or book a VIP appointment

Enjoy designing your shoes!

Start designing your pointed court shoe

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