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How our shoes are made

Our professional shoemakers have been handmaking beautiful shoes for over 30 years working with only the finest materials, such as calfskin, Italian satins and exotic skins like snake.

The first step is to produce a paper pattern of your shoe design. The material is then hand cut and the different parts passed onto the "closer" who stitches everything together, along with the lining, to create the upper with strong seams.

Any embellishments such as diamantes, Swarovski jewels and studs are added by hand. Then master-shoemakers hand-fit the uppers onto the last, ensuring the material is shaped to give the shoe its beautiful feminine curves. An experienced cobbler attaches leather inners and soles (never synthetic) so your feet can breathe, and of course, the all important heel.

Finally your shoes are hand finished, buffed and polished to complete your bespoke shoes.

If you would like to see and feel our materials, you can order swatches from our Swatch Store

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