Shoes For The Crew

Bridesmaid attire has something of a bad reputation; nightmarish colours, impossibly shiny satin, frills, and puff sleeves come to mind, like some hideous amalgamation of a bad eighties throwback, and Cinderella’s ugly sisters.


It doesn’t have to be like this; bridesmaids should look timelessly sophisticated, and they should feel just as elegant. The Upper Street Bride knows the importance of even the smallest of details. She wants everything to be perfect on her special day, and that includes how her bridesmaid’s feel and look in their dresses; after all, they’re a big feature, both on the day and in the photo album.


Custom-creating shoes for the bridal party is a uniquely beautiful way to keep everyone happy, from the friend who only wears flats, to the friend who likes to put her own twist on her sartorial choices, to the bride herself.

It is important for your bridesmaids to feel as though they look good in their shoes, but its also vital that they feel comfortable; the last thing you want is a hobbling bridesmaid falling over half way along the aisle. If sky-high heels aren’t your girls’ first choice, we have a huge range of heel heights and styles to make things that bit easier, or you could even go with ballet flats for a subtly stylish finish.


If you are planning a seamlessly colour-coordinated day, with all of your bridesmaids in the same or similar style of dress, then a matching shoe will provide a sophisticated finish. Find your perfect hue in our widely ranging colour palette, and use that as a design starting point.


On the other hand, if each bridesmaid is wearing a different dress, then find a unique shoe to perfectly match each of your girls’ individual styles. This is not only an incredibly thoughtful way to ensure this is a special day for your friends too; it can also look stunning, and add a stylish twist to traditional proceedings.


If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to what your bridesmaids might prefer, why not ask them to design their own shoes? Read our Design Masterclass and give your girls a few guidelines, and then trust their style judgement for the ultimate in luxury gifting. You can even make the design process into a pre-wedding event;  book an appointment in our Shoe Lounge, have a glass of fizz, and enjoy an afternoon of designing with the girls.